Takeover of ISODEV’s assets

Butler Industries was chosen to buy the assets of ISODEV, a funding platform from SME-VSE.

Founded in 2012, ISODEV was one of the pioneers of alternative financing for SME-VSE. Since its creation, ISODEV has granted almost 2,000 loans out of 10,000 applications processed for an amount of €80,000,000.

In less than three years, ISODEV thus became the leader of alternative financing for SME-VSE in France with a loan offer ranging from €50,000 to €150,000, distributed in partnership with banks and independent brokers.

By taking over the brand ISODEV and its unique know-how regarding selling of alternative loans to SME-VSE, Butler industries supports the launching of a new player aiming at following SME-VSE in their investment or growth projects alongside their traditional banking partners.

Butler Industries plans to develop a sustainable financing solution in France and then in Europe for SME-VSE with loans ranging from €50,000 to €500,000.
ISODEV will benefit from Butler Industries’ extensive expertise on debt structuring and its specific know-how on credit analysis based on its “small tickets” leasing activity present in 10 European countries as well as its credit activity managing over $300,000,000.

Walter Butler, President of Butler Industries stated :

“Despite its difficulties, ISODEV managed to build an expertise in the selling of participating loans which is a major asset to develop a relevant alternative credit offer for enterprises with growth projects. We are pleased to be able to give a fresh impetus to this great initiative in financing the real economy.”