Butler Industries Announces Majority Stake Acquisition in L’Ambroisie

Butler Industries, led by Walter Butler, announced today the acquisition of a majority stake in the Parisian restaurant L’Ambroisie, alongside its founder Bernard Pacaud. This transaction, conducted with the company’s own funds, without resorting to borrowing and with no time limit, includes the acquisition of the business and the walls of the establishment. The primary ambition of Butler Industries’ investment in L’Ambroisie is to reinforce its role as a flagbearer of French culinary excellence, while respecting its unique identity.

Since December 1986, L’Ambroisie, situated in the heart of Paris under the famous arcades of Place des Vosges, has been a gem in French haute cuisine, distinguished by numerous awards and honors. Bernard Pacaud, who remains the president, partner, and chef of the establishment he elevated to the pinnacle of global gastronomy, will continue to have full control over L’Ambroisie’s kitchen. His unique culinary skills, recognized worldwide and notably by the Michelin Guide where he has maintained three stars for thirty-seven consecutive years, contribute significantly to the restaurant.

L’Ambroisie is not just a restaurant, it’s L’Ambroisie, and Bernard Pacaud is not just a monument in world gastronomy, he represents a unique life journey, a reflection of France’s most extraordinary aspects. Bernard’s life exemplifies the importance of hope in our lives. For me, it’s an investment of both heart and reason in a jewel of French heritage. I am honored by the trust of Bernard and Danièle Pacaud and determined to continue their exceptional contribution to French culinary expertise. It is a great responsibility and a huge pride for me to work with Bernard and Danièle Pacaud to ensure L’Ambroisie remains the reference in French cuisine,” says Walter Butler, President of Butler Industries.

I am particularly proud to have made L’Ambroisie, with my wife Danièle, an institution in French gastronomy. It’s a craft passed down to me by Mère Brazier, the first woman to be awarded two triple Michelin stars. L’Ambroisie is my life’s work, founded on hard work, humility, rigor, attention to customers, and generosity. These founding values, bequeathed by my two mentors, ‘la Mère’ and Claude Peyrot – 3* Michelin stars – are what I strive to pass on to my clients and teams. Walter Butler’s project is a continuation of these values, and I am happy to ensure the future of this institution, which I will support with the same passion that has driven me for sixty years,” states Bernard Pacaud, founder and chef of L’Ambroisie.