Solidarity: on 22 March, the Paradis Latin will play for Ukraine

The Left Bank cabaret is offering its dinner show next Tuesday for only 100 euros and will donate all the proceeds to Ukraine. Other support evenings will be held in Paris in the coming days.

La recette du dîner-spectacle « L’Oiseau Paradis » (ici en septembre 2021) du mardi 22 mars sera versée à des associations ukrainiennes. LP/Olivier Corsan

“We had both Ukrainian and Russian artists in the troupe, but beyond that, what is happening on the borders of Europe staggers us all, and we asked ourselves what we could do to support the solidarity movement,” explains Walter Butler, owner of the Paradis Latin. “The idea of a special evening was born, it will be on Tuesday 22 March and all the proceeds will go to help the Ukrainians.

The price of the dinner-show has been set at 100 euros – a lower price including drinks to benefit from the same menu signed by Guy Savoy as usual – that is to say a hoped-for revenue of at least 50,000 euros, says the owner. “We are going to make an appeal for donations to increase this amount even further,” he adds. Because “given the evolution of the situation, it is now that the Ukrainians need rapid humanitarian aid”, the businessman plans to give the amount directly to Ukrainian associations.

“The idea is to provide targeted and rapid aid,” he says, assigning a former member of the Ukrainian cultural centre in France to select the beneficiaries. If no one is identified, the money will go to the Red Cross. “Every penny spent will go to help Ukrainians,” he says. Before offering “L’Oiseau Paradis”, the revue by Kamel Ouali, the cabaret will offer a special concert instead of its usual pre-show during which dinner is served. “Imagine”, “L’Envie d’aimer”, “Over the Rainbow”, or “Quand on n’a que l’Amour”, about fifteen songs will be performed by seven singers, including Cyril Cinélu, Sofiane or Amalya, but also the Ukrainian Yana Brillitskaya, who will sing the anthem of her country.

Soirée de soutien a l'Ukraine au Paradis Latin

Source : Le Parisien

Butler Industries acquires SeaOwl


A few weeks after its acquisition of Pierre Hermé’s macaroons, Butler Industries has signed a new deal. It is taking over the maritime services company SeaOwl, thus returning to a sector it loves. The former SNCM shareholder is taking over the entire capital, which had been shared since 2015 between Cathay Capital (around 40% of the shares) and private French and Italian shareholders. It will also associate the manager Xavier Genin and his teams, whose weight should grow. The investor will provide full equity financing, leaving only the bank loans in place (mainly related to the financing of the ships), and will pay off the mezzanine put in place by Trocadero Capital in 2017.

Founded in 2008, SeaOwl divides its activity between two main sectors: the energy sector, where it provides maintenance of offshore assets for industrial companies such as TotalEnergies, Naval Group and TechnipFMC, and the defence sector, where it assists national navies in their actions at sea, through technical support and training missions. The company has been in the news for having obtained, in 2020, the first French navigation permit for a remotely operated boat. The first contracts for the marketing of this know-how are currently being negotiated. The group, which has 1,300 employees, has a turnover of over €100 million and an EBITDA margin of around 10%. Active in 32 countries via some fifteen subsidiaries, it derives 80% of its revenues from abroad, mainly in Asia and Africa. The objective is to continue its development in these regions as well as in the Middle East, while accelerating investments in the fields of remote ship operation and marine drones.

Other business services SeaOwl Turnover: €100m Ile-de-France

Butler Industries: Walter Butler, Laurent Parquet, David Movahhedi – Buyers’ advisors: due diligence: financial: June Partners (Fabrice Keller, Baptiste Giordano); legal: KPMG Avocats (Vincent Lacombe, Florence Olivier, Albane Eglinger), strategic: Advention Business Partners (Alban Neveux, Iska Pivois); legal: BDGS (Antoine Bonnasse, Jérôme du Chazaud, Yaëlle Cohen) – Buyers’ advisors: Oddo BHF Corporate Finance (Nicolas Ecot, Xavier Lalau Keraly), Invest Corporate Finance (Christophe Marchand), Hetland Maritime (Philippe Hetland Brault, Sixte de Gastines); VDD: financial: EY (Laurent Majubert, François Estin), tax: EY Société d’Avocats (Sandrine Gobaut, Sigrid Cassagne), strategy: Archery Strategy Consulting (Rémy Bonnery); legal: Hogan Lovells (Stéphane Huten, Ali Chegra)

Source: Capital Finance

Butler Industries acquires Pierre Hermé pastries


Pierre Hermé is reconfiguring its capital. The high-end pastry shop, known in particular for its macaroons, is joining forces with Butler Industries as a majority shareholder. The industrial investor, who is financing the operation entirely with equity, will take about two thirds of the capital, according to AFP. It thus offers an exit door to LOG Investment, the investment holding company of the L’Occitane group, which had acquired a minority position in 2015, before taking control four years later. The chef, crowned best pastry chef in the world in 2016, will retain his stake. Founded in 1997, the company has grown strongly in Asia, particularly in Japan, where it makes nearly 40% of its recipes. It now has around sixty points of sale, mainly in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Asia, enabling it to approach €100m in turnover. This was €50m in 2015.

The group, which employs nearly 500 people, is expected to further expand its network in France and abroad, focusing in particular on railway stations and airports. Partnerships with luxury hotels are also being considered, while online sales, which have tripled since the beginning of the health crisis, should continue to grow.

Butler Industries: Walter Butler, Laurent Parquet, David Movahhedi – Investor advice: due diligence: financial: Eight Advisory (Shafik Hosni, Louis Aucomte, Arthur Lantier), legal: KPMG (Xavier Houard, Albane Eglinger, Florence Olivier); legal: BDGS (Antoine Bonnasse, Jérôme du Chazaud, Yaelle Cohen) – Advisors to the seller: financial: CFI France – Athema (Jean-Marc Teurquetil, Laetitia Ep, Charles Watelet); VDD financial: PwC (Philippe Serzec, Rachel Aoust); legal: Steering Legal (Nuno de Ayala Boaventura, Agathe Martin)

Source: Capital Finance

With Kamel Ouali, the Paradis Latin offers a grandiose show brought up to date

Le Paradis Latin : le + Ancien Cabaret de Paris | Site Officiel

The dean of Parisian cabarets has entrusted the choreographer with his new revue L’Oiseau Paradis. A show brimming with energy, where tradition and modernity dialogue brilliantly.

“The show must go on”. Yes, but not just any old way. After a year of forced closure, the Paradis Latin is making a strong comeback with the revival of its new revue L’Oiseau Paradis, first launched in 2019. Directed by renowned choreographer Kamel Ouali, it is placed under the sign of humour and irreverence, where tradition and modernity collide in a real lesson in style.
For nearly two hours, Kamel Ouali unfolds his colourful universe through eighteen breathtaking tableaux, punctuated by the dance steps of a supercharged troupe. But if the choreographer, a great fan of music hall, respects certain cabaret codes to the letter, he also has fun revisiting them. Tradition dictates that two lovers dance the farandole in Montmartre, while a vocalist arches her back in a scarlet suit of lights, singing Beyoncé hits.

But the show is punctuated by more contemporary touches, which give it depth and originality. If we start to move our elbows on ABBA’s hits, we are especially delighted by a more audacious soundtrack that lets out new wave or electro, tracks ranging from Depeche Mode to Alain Bashung.

Amidst the frills, feathers and sequins, the light shows and 3D videos leave the guests speechless. One thinks of the trompe-l’oeil show of the showgirl Solen Shawen, who, in flesh-coloured underwear, metamorphoses into a humanoid under computer-generated images. The magic also works overhead with artists floating in the air, suspended from Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology, descending from the sky.

In total, nearly fifteen exceptional sets accompany the show, designed by Alain Lagarde, a creator renowned for his sets for operas, musicals and plays. In addition, there are 500 signature costumes (flashy dresses, lion headdresses and bird feathers) created by the fashion house On aura tout vu, which has collaborated with Katy Perry.

A magazine in her image

The watchword is celebration, but it rhymes with current events. The choreographer reveals himself through his portraits, and does not hesitate to make a few winks at the causes that are dear to him. Like the ballet of jellyfish on the opera of Lakmé suddenly swallowed up by a pile of rubbish.

As far as the cast is concerned, we are enchanted by the warm voice of singer Cyril Cinélu, the winner of Star Acacemy 6, accompanied by drag queen Icee Drag On (La France a un incroyable talent). The same goes for the successful and very colourful dinner by chef Guy Savoy. On the plates, semi-cooked foie gras with Guérande salt, cod steak, sweet potato “like a brandade” and lemon verbena dessert (the dinner-show is from 140€).

A flawless performance by Kamel Ouali who signs a daring and perfectly balanced revue, between dance, music, humour and decadence. “The show must go on”.

Le Paradis Latin, 28, rue du Cardinal Lemoine (5e).

 Source: Le Figaro

Construction: Fayat strengthens its position in the smart city with NXO

France’s number four construction company is buying a former Alcatel subsidiary from the Butler Industries fund after acquiring a sweeper manufacturer in the spring, thus becoming the world’s number one in the sector. At the end of 2020, the family-owned group became the fifth company to be owned by a foundation.

NXO, qui maîtrise les technologies du numérique, est bien implanté avec 36 agences dans toute la France.

NXO, which masters digital technologies, is well established with 36 branches throughout France. (NXO)

With the acquisition of NXO (ex-NextiraOne) from the Butler Industries fund, the Fayat group is continuing its external growth strategy. The French number four in the construction industry bought this former Alcatel subsidiary for almost 100 million euros, according to “Capital Finance”. “This company was not for sale but we were interested in it. We want to develop in digital technology, an essential tool for the advent of the concept of smart cities,” explains Jean-Claude Fayat, who heads the family construction group with his brother Laurent. NXO is an IT services company specialising in the implementation and management of digital network infrastructures for companies and local authorities.

The Fayat group, number four in the French construction industry with a turnover of 4.1 billion euros last year, has been communicating for years about the challenges of the intelligent city, but has remained a modest player in this growing sector, which is essentially based on digital technology. Its subsidiary Semeru, which specialises in the installation of sensors and the use of data (rainwater management, vehicle metering, building supervision, etc.), had a turnover of only 48 million euros in 2020. With NXO, which has a turnover of €250 million for 1,250 employees, the construction group is acquiring a well-established player with 36 branches throughout France. “The synergies between Semeru and NXO and the potential for development are very significant. We already have a lot of contacts,” says Jean-Claude Fayat.

World leader in sweepers

The Fayat group, founded in 1957 by Clément Fayat, has historically had several areas of expertise. Construction, its original business, still generates two thirds of its turnover. The various construction sites of the Greater Paris area account for approximately 1 billion euros of turnover. It has also diversified into industry with a series of acquisitions in the world of construction machinery, particularly road equipment and city sweepers.

Last spring, the Bordeaux-based group continued its shopping spree by acquiring the Italian sweeper manufacturer Dulevo, which has a turnover of 70 million euros. This completes the range of products offered by Ravo, Scarab and Mathieu, but above all it increases in size. With a total turnover of 250 million euros, it now claims a 20% share of the world market, making it number one.

The group, which at the end of last year became the fifth French company to be owned by a foundation, is also launching a communication and recruitment campaign. The group, which is aiming for a turnover of 4.6 billion euros this year, has the ambition to recruit 1,000 employees over the next three years.

Source : Les Echos

At the Paradis Latin, chef Guy Savoy whets our appetite

Three stars in the Michelin guide, at the top of the list of the 1000 best restaurants in the world, Guy Savoy will create four menus a year for the cabaret on the Left Bank.

 Guy Savoy concoctera les menus des soirées de Noël et du Nouvel An.

The “Paradis Latin” style salmon heart, caviar tarama”, “Foie gras semi-cooked with Guérande salt, smoked tea jelly, bitter orange”, “Paradis Latin iced nougat”… We are already licking our lips. At the Paradis latin, the show and the party are obviously on the stage where Iris Mittenaere has been performing for the last six months, leader of the revue “l’Oiseau Paradis” imagined by Kamel Ouali. The taste buds will also soon be in for a treat.

From 1 January 2020 – if we don’t count the Christmas and New Year’s Eve evenings for which he will concoct the menus – the menu of the Left Bank cabaret will be signed Guy Savoy. Three Michelin stars and the fourth consecutive year that he has topped the list of the world’s 1,000 best restaurants with his establishment at La Monnaie de Paris (6th arrondissement), the chef “will prepare four menus per year, one per season, i.e. 64 different dishes”, says Walter Butler, the owner of the premises.

Increasing numbers of visitors

“First of all, we asked ourselves if it was possible to serve quickly in order to meet the constraints of the cabaret while maintaining the quality of each dish. The selection of suppliers, the creation of teams under the supervision of the chef who trained them, the complete renovation of the kitchens “entirely rebuilt according to his wishes”, and the testing of the dishes, “this partnership is the result of a long period of work, almost a year”, continues Walter Butler.

“But make no mistake, people are not going to go to Guy Savoy, it’s a completely different experience, but the menus are prepared by his team with the guarantee of exceptional quality,” he continues. As for prices, they are not increasing with two show menus, the Gustave Eiffel and the Prestige, at 150 and 190 euros respectively.

Taken over a year ago, restored from top to bottom, the Paradis Latin continues its transformation with a certain success and an increasing number of visitors. “We have had a very strong increase in attendance, our rooms are full,” says Walter Butler, who emphasises his “very Parisian” clientele. “There really is a clientele from the capital that comes and returns, it is the one that is increasing the most.

Source: Le Parisien

Butler Industries is proud to support the Noukou association

Butler Industries announces a partnership with Noukou.

Noukou is a humanitarian organization that aims to provide assistance to Togo’s children in emergency  by providing food, care and access to education. With more than 45 projects since 2013, Noukou is to improve living conditions in the perspective of sustainable and autonomous development.

“We attach great importance to humanitarian projects. Noukou is a young dynamic organization offering quality projects. We are pleased and very proud to support its projects. ” Mr. Walter Butler, president of Butler Industries.

“Mr. Walter Butler chose Noukou our association for the quality of its projects, its dynamism and the follow-up of its commitments. His contribution allows us to calmly finalize the purchase of land by realizing this great project. We are pleased to see that a large group and a small association like ours can share the same human values. “Karine Benoit, Founder Noukou.

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NextiraOne, a portfolio company of Butler Industries, announces the acquisition of Nware

Just one year after its takeover by Butler Industries, NextiraOne announces the acquisition of Nware, the network virtualization and data center specialist.

Founded in 2008, Nware generates nearly €10m in sales and employs over 60 people in France, divided between its integration and technical assistance activities. Nware, the virtualisation and hyper convergence specialist is a privileged partner of the leading suppliers of these technologies such as VMware, Nutanix, Microsoft or Dell. It has more than 200 midsize and key account clients on various sectors such as banking, insurance, industry, telecoms and services.

This acquisition will help NextiraOne expand its range of services around data center and network virtualisation.

Nextiraone, taken over in June 2015 by Butler Industries, is one of the French leaders in integration of systems and networks.  With a turnover of over € 240m, NextiraOne designs, installs and operates solutions and services to over 20,000 clients in the private and public sectors.

This acquisition reflects the growing dynamics of the group over the last months to make NextiraOne a major player in digital transformation of businesses and technologic infrastructures of tomorrow.

About NextiraOne France:

NextiraOne France is a technological-oriented IT Services company that designs, installs, maintains and supports business solutions and communication services for more than 20,000 private or public clients. Due to its advanced expertise in leading-edge communications, including Data Centers, Contact Centers, Unified Communications, Secure Network Infrastructures and Managed Services, NextiraOne helps its customers to transform their security and communication systems, making the complex simple.

Headquartered in Paris, NextiraOne France is present in metropolitan France (18 offices – 44 implantations) but also in Reunion Island, West Indies and Guyana, with approximately 1,400 employees, including more than 850 qualified experts.

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Almas Industries launch party

Butler Safe Technologies, a subsidiary of Butler Industries, becomes Almas industries

Since 2012, Butler Industries has developed in the fields of electronic security thanks to internal growth and several acquisitions in this sector, among which:

  • Eden Innovations, specialized in R&D, headquartered in  Aix-en-Provence (France),
  • Fichet-Bauche Télésurveillance, the pioneer of telemonitoring in France,
  • ATS Sécurité Privée, the key player in security for French SMEs,

Today, to reflect this growth and its ambition to be recognized as a leading industry player, the group adopts a new visual identity and becomes Almas Industries.

This new identity is the product of reflection on the group’s values, strengths and aspirations. This is a strong sign, directed as much to ourselves, as to our customers, suppliers and partners.

Almas Industries will continue to grow by placing technological innovation and customer service at the heart of its business. With 300 employees, 25,000 customers and a presence in 8 European countries, Almas industries aims to become a new leader in the security market (alarm systems, video, biometrics, remote assistance, defibrillators connected ) .

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Sale of ADIT to Weinberg Capital Partners

Butler Capital Partners announced the sale of its majority stake in ADIT to Weinberg Capital Partners.

ADIT, founded by its president, Mr Philippe Caduc, is the French leader in strategic intelligence consultancy. In February 2011, Butler Capital Partners acquired a majority stake in the group from  “l’Agence des Participations de l’Etat” which still holds a stake in the group.

Since then, ADIT has expanded significantly both in Europe and internationally and has diversified its offer. Between 2010 and 2015, the turnover and the group’s workforce grew by 50% and the operating increased by almost 3 times