Takeover of all the assets of Altilans

Butler Industries announces the takeover of all the assets of Altilans, a key player in the professional video protection.

This investment was carried out by ATS Sécurité Privée, a subsidiary of Butler Industries.

Founded in 2008, Altilans specializes in commercialization, installation and maintenance of B2B video protection systems, mainly for clients specializing in retailing and distribution. Thanks to the quality of its services and its technical know-how, Altilans’s revenues exceeded €10m in 2013. Altilans operates in most France’s regions, which allows the company to insure security and video protection for its clients.

Both Altilans and ATS Sécurité Privée operate in similar markets, which are security equipment lease and provision of related services (maintenance, installation, etc). The similarity of goods and services proposed by these two companies, as well as the common financial partners (leasers), will not only allow to sustain Altilans’s assets and to insure continuity of operation, but also create synergies of competence and products. ATS Sécurité Privée wants to strengthen the positioning of Altilans in a promising sector by emphasizing the quality of its services and its material, in order to provide the company with a strong and long-lasting comparative advantage in this very competitive sector.

This takeover is a new evidence of Butler Industries’s interest in the security technologies sector. Indeed, since 2012, Butler Industries has acquired several companies operating in this sector:

  • Eden Innovations, specialized in Research and Development, headquartered in  Aix-en-Provence (France),
  • The majority of European subsidiaries of the group Safetic,
  • Fichet-Bauche Télésurveillance, the pioneer of telemonitoring in France,
  • ATS Sécurité Privée, the key player in security for French SMEs,
  • Aquitaine Vidéo…

All these companies were concentrated in the group BST- Butler Safe Technologies- covering the entire value chain, from design of products to its distribution and maintenance. The group specializes in business security innovation (biometric access control and videomonitoring markets) and in security of people (defibrillators DOC and medical telemonitoring markets). The development of the group is also based on the establishment of subsidiaries and the acquisition of shares in companies implemented in Brazil and Asian countries.  Today, BST has nearly 12 000 corporate clients, more than 1/3 of which are German companies.