Butler Industries takes an equity stake in ESP Consulting

Butler Industries takes an equity stake in ESP Consulting, a French start-up firm, leader in the sector of applied sports sciences.

Butler Industries announces its 10% equity stake in ESP Consulting, a French innovative company leader in the sector of applied sports sciences, specialized in the study and the analysis of sports performances and human movements thanks to scientific and technological devices.

Founded in July 2008, ESP Consulting includes a research department, a clinic specialized in sport and a sports training center. In September 2015, the opening of a 1300 square meter laboratory took the company to the next level. ESP Consulting carries out both diagnostics of human movements and the effects of new technologies on human mechanism.

Thanks to the services offered by ESP Consulting, athletes can – using various technological disposals such as micro-sensors, speed radars, photo cells or modeling in 3D – access analyses of bio mechanics and ultra-precise movement, which enables them to improve their performance or correct gestures that are potentially traumatic for their body. ESP Consulting brings ultra-personalized solutions and gives access to data that improves significantly the therapies implemented for rehabilitation following trauma or injuries.

The data collected by ESP Consulting is also used -in collaboration with sports professionals and industrials – to develop sports equipment (rackets…) or everyday life equipment (car seats), to make them more suitable to the constrains of the human body mechanics in terms of ergonomic.

Walter Butler, President of Butler Industries declared: 

« We are delighted to invest in ESP Consulting, which is a real French nugget that has developed innovative services and technologies in the health and sport sector. ESP Consulting operates in a forward-looking sector that is full of potential applications whether it is in the professional sport sector or in the public health sector. We want to support its development in the long term and give it the means to be a key player in its market.»

Butler Industries’ investment will enable ESP Consulting to accelerate its development in France and abroad, and quickly become the key reference of sciences applied to sport in Europe.